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A Nanny is a qualified and/or experienced childcarer employed to look after children within the employers home. Nannies are generally trained to provide care and educational development for children from birth to seven years.
Nannies can be either live in or out, permanent or temporary,and can have complete sole charge of the children or shared charge with the mother, father, grandparent or sometimes another Nanny.
Nanny duties include taking responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the children in her care, providing safe, stimulating, age appropriate activities, completing Nursery duties such as childrens laundry, maintaining tidiness of childrens rooms and preparing childrens meals. A Nanny is not responsible for general household tasks.
Salaries vary, depending on whether the Nanny is live in or out, what qualifications/experience she holds etc.

Nanny Share

A Nanny Share is a nanny shared between two or more families usually to spread the cost. Qualifications and duties are as above although the nannies hourly/weekly rate is usually slightly higher due to the fact she is taking on the responsibility of more children/nursery duties than would be applicable with one family.

Maternity Nanny/Night Nanny

Maternity Nannies/ Night Nannies are employed on a temporary basis to assist with newborn babies. They either live in and work on a 24/6 basis assisting mum with all issues to do with the newborn or arrive in the evening and take charge of the baby during the night so Mother can have a rest. They usually have specific qualifications in the care of newborn babies or vast experience in this area.

Private Tutors

Private tutors are either qualified teachers or degree educated in a specific subject like languages or mathematics. They are usually self employed and work on an hourly or sessional basis although some families do employ private tutors on a full time basis. We also have a number of TEFL qualified candidates for any international clients wanting to improve their childrens English.

Mother's Help

A Mother's Help is usually either unqualified with little experience or qualified with little nannying experience (e.g. a nursery worker looking to break into nannying.) A Mother's help usually works alongside the Mother or Father providing childcare and assisting with other household duties. Mother's helps can be live in or out and usually command lower salaries than a nanny.


A Housekeeper/Nanny- Housekeeper is usually employed by families to manage the care of the home. Their duties may or may not include childcare and are often employed by families with school aged children, taking care of household duties during school hours. They can be employed on a live in or out basis.

Childcare Consultant

Childcare consultants are highly qualified/experienced nannies/childcare experts who are hired by families on a daily or weekly basis as a troubleshooter or "supernanny" to solve specific problems within the home such as behavioural issues, sleep routines etc. They help offer advice, guidance and implement solutions in the household. Childcare consultants are self employed and rates may vary depending on the individual.

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